Best iPhone 6 Accessories and Addons Below $150

Apple phones have great features, ranging from being slim, to great design, among others. There are affordable accessories which will help you utilize these features to the maximum.

1. Mahogany Wood Wraps ($ 25)

These are vinyl wraps. They have a real wood grain texture, which makes the iPhone 6 look elegant and stylish. They offer protection for your device. These wraps come in a set comprising:

  • 1 wood wrap
  • 2 separate front wraps
  • 2 front XD screen protectors
  • 1 microfiber wipOne squeegee for application on your XD screen

2. Leather Case ($30-$100)

It is made from hand-selected and premium leather, which is treated with high quality dye. It fits over the curved design of the device and also has a microfiber interior which not only protects your phone, but also matches with the case’s colors. Some of the iphone 6 cases would cost you a lot more than $100.

3. Silicone Cover ($10-$40)

These maintain the iPhone 6’ slim design. The case protects the camera and the microfiber lining cushions the rest of the phone.

4. Chatlight ($ 20)

This accessory helps you illuminate your face as you take selfies, chat over video or record video. It can last for over 50,000 hours. With the brightest setting, it can last for 90 minutes.

5. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens ($72)

Olloclip are renowned for their lenses. They now give you an opportunity to use the same with the iPhone 6. The Olloclip is a 4 optic lens. You can use it with both front and rear cameras. It comes with 3 wearable pendants. There are 4 lens options to choose from:

  • Wide angle
  • 15x macro
  • Fisheye
  • 10x macro

The 4-in-1 lens is available in 2 colors: white and gold

6. Trippy Clip’s Holographic Lens ($30)

These camera lenses are versatile and are powered by nano-technology to produce holographic effects, that is, color changing pictures and video.

7. Symlis Sparrow Flash Drive and Charger ($35)

This is a flash drive that is combined with a charge cable and an USB sync cable.

8. Luna iPhone 6 Concrete Skin ($30)

This skin is particularly unique because it is made from concrete. It uses craters on the surface. The Luna is thick when compared to the last edition, giving the ideal texture of real concrete.

9. Satechi Bluetooth Home Button ($24)

This home button allows you to access your phone if it is out of reach. You can attach it to the steering wheel, dashboard, or keychain and all you need to do is press the button and access services like Voice Google search. You can ask for directions, make calls and ask for messages, without even touching your phone. You will need Bluetooth to pair the button with the iPhone. This comes in handy as it reduces distraction when driving.

10. Wally stick-on wallet for iPhone 6 ($39)

This wallet holds all your iPhone must-haves at the back of the phone, or on the case. The design has a pull-tab that only reveals your cards when you need to access them. It adds wallet functionality to your case. It makes the iPhone have a more comfortable grip. The leather is genuine and wears over time, developing a rich patina.

11. Sleev ($4)

This accessory helps protect your wires from losing integrity by covering cable ends. It is made from material that shrinks down to the size of wires when it gets heated. It comprises different diameters along the length, which makes the center rigid and the edges flexible. This allows for free movement and maximum protection. The material also contains an adhesive that is released when the Sleev shrinks to its desired size. This ensures that the wires have a concentrated shield against tears, wrinkles, and any other damages.

12. Hoop Speaker ($120)

This is a speaker that you can wear or attach anywhere. It comes with a rubber cord or soft hook which allows you to hang it somewhere or even hang it around your neck. The speakers are made from durable material- especially the ABS rubber finishes over the steel shell. They also make the speakers very compact. The hoop has a diameter whose size is like that of a CD. One full charge gives 8 hours of playback.

13. BOBINE ($35)

This is a flexible iPhone dock. You need not carry docks, tripods and cables separately. Bobine replaces all the above items as a single stand, dock and charge cable for your iPhone. It is wrapped in industrial-grade flexible material. The connectors are seamlessly manufactured directly onto the ends. This accessory ensures that wires do not tangle or get frayed. It can be flexed in different positions, wrapped around objects, used as a nightstand, for video calling, coiled, and used as a tripod.

14. Dark Energy Reservoir ($129)

This reservoir allows you to charge your phone for almost a week. It has an 8000 mAh battery. You can charge your phone even when the reservoir is attached to an outlet. It can retain the charge for an entire year, and can charge 2 devices at the same time.

15. Power Pen ($37)

This is a stylus which unleashes a ballpoint pen when the tip is swiveled. The other end contains in-built batteries with tips for lighting and Micro USB.

16. Leef ($59)

Leef iBRIDGE helps expand storage capacity on your iPhone without using any storage space on your phone.

17. Home Stereo Bluetooth Converter ($50)

This device allows you to connect your stereo speakers with your iPhone, wirelessly. It can connect from 33″ away, allowing you to change tracks, pause music from another room. The converter provides 10 hours of power at a time.

18. The Awesome Cable ($15)

This cable makes charging better as it is thicker. This also makes it more durable and tangle resistant. It is 6″ long and comes in 5 colors.

19. The React Sidekick ($29)

This addon allows you to call for help via the click of a button. It uses Bluetooth to pair with the react sidekick app in your iPhone.

All in all, as we can see iPhone 6 accessories help maximize the function of the great features that the great device has to offer. They are affordable, and range from protection of your device, to more charging options, camera options, storage, and speakers, as well as accessing your device when it is out of reach via the click of a button. We have also seen extensive use of bluetooth to pair devices like speakers with the iPhone 6.